Manufacturing process


The Raw Materials and bought out Items are procured directly from the manufacturers to assure genuineness of the items. All items procured are inspected and tested as per the relevant standards The various materials undergo in-house manufacturing process on various machines.

In order to achieve the desired quality, all items undergo inspection at all stages of manufacturing Finally 100% Inspection / Tests are carried out before sending them to assembly lines.

Fabricated parts and tanks are neatly welded and all oil tanks are of leak proof welding. Oil tanks are pressure tested to examine leakage, if any, before they are sent to assembly lines.

All parts which undergo painting degreased and hot phosphates to avoid corrosion, by 7 Hot Tank treatment before it is finally painted. Even parts which undergo plating are degreased and plated

Painting consists of one coat of Red Oxide Primer and 2 coats of finish paint (as per the customers requirement). Every stage of sub-assembly is subjected to strict inspection and testing Care is being taken to achieve inter-changeability.

All fasteners are tightened using torque wrenches and oil leads are tightened to optimum levels. All mechanisms are inspected and tested both mechanically and electrically before effecting dispatch to ensure trouble free service in the field.

Painting Procedure

All MS items undergo pre-treatment for rust removal and phosphating in a specially created 7 tank plant. The 7 tank plant contains alkahal bath, water bath, acid bath, water bath, phosphating and passivation.

The strength of the both acid and phosphating solution are periodically checked in the laboratory and depending upon the strength of the acid, advice is given to replerish / replace the acid / phosphating solution.

Further all these items are coated with zinc primer red-oxide for prevention of rust and then 2 to 3 coats of finished painting is applied before dispatching the same. Stove enamel painting facility is also available.

The fabricated items and castings which are filled with oil etc. will be subject to leak prevention test by conducting pressure test on the same. Also all the tanks of the Circuit Breakers are subject to pressure testing.



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