Company Profile

The Mysore Electrical Industries Limited


MEI is a leading public sector undertaking of the Government of Karnataka and the first among the pioneers who have brought switchgear into India. The company was established in the year 1945, more than seven decades ago and is in the business of manufacturing high quality Switchgear, Motor Control Gears and Solid State Electronic relays and allied switchgear equipment i.e., Instrument Transformers used in switchgear and other industrial applications.

In the year 1945 the company entered into a collaboration with the British Company M/s. J.G. Statters and Company, for the manufacture of LT Oil Circuit Breaker up to 800 Amps. In the year 1956 this agreement was extended to cover Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker up to 12kV, 350MVA and 800 Amps, 12kV oil Fuse Switches and 12kV On-Load Oil Immersed Isolators. The company entered into an agreement with M/s. Stark storm of West Germany for the manufacturing of 10Amps and 25Amps LV Air-Break AC Contactors.

In 1955 the company negotiated an agreement with M/s Gardy, S.A., Geneva, Switzerland, for the manufacturing of their H.T and E.H.T Minimum Oil Content Circuit Breakers. The company has diversified its activities by designing and developing Solid State Relays within the Company for Power System Protection and Industrial applications.

In the year 1986 the company entered into a collaboration with M/s. E.I.B., S.A., Belgium, for manufacturing sophisticated Vacuum Circuit Breakers up to 33kV, 40kA and up to current rating of 3000Amps. All the above products have been successfully launched in the market and MEI has retained its reputation for quality products ever since its inceptions. The company is supplying to almost all the leading Electricity Boards and undertakings and industrial users through out the country.

The company is self contained in respect of infrastructure and manufacturing facilities backed up by established Research and Development Division including Computer Circuit Breaker Analyzer, Computer Aided Design Center, Computer Aided planning well equipped testing division and a reputed Tool Room. In the year 1992 the company’s R&D has successfully developed Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker of electrical rating 12kV, 25kA and 1250Amps and successfully launched this product into market.

MEI’s Product line today, comprises a wide range of High-Voltage circuit breakers, high voltage metal clad switchgears, stator rotor starters, Direct-On-Line and an array of relays and control devices, to name a few. MEI’s strong points according to independent industry observes Wide range of contemporary electrical equipment with extensive areas of application.

All MEI products carry the hallmark of independent certification from foreign collaborators and CPRI’s at Bhopal and Bangalore. Today, after more than 60 years later , MEI’s products span the globe; Australia, Singapore , Kenya, Kuwait, Ceylon, Burma, Bahrain, Sudan, UAE, Cyprus and many other countries.



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